• www.bundesrecht.juris.de/bundesrecht/index.html
    German Laws an Statutes in force
  • www.ibr-online.de
    Judgments and information in all areas touching on building law
  • www.mietrecht.de
    Introduction to tenancy law, including fora, search machine, etc
  • www.erbrechtsgesellschaft.de
    Informationen zum Erbrecht 
  • www.erbrecht-ratgeber.de
    Comprehensive information regarding German law of succession
  • www.famrz.de
    Service offered by the specialist legal publication Zeitschrift für Familienrecht: information, decisions, legislation and maintenance and support scales 
  • www.dpma.de
    German Patent and Trademark Office (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt), the central authority for industrial property rights in Germany, offering basic information, research functions, etc
  • www.insolvenzrecht.de
    The legal portal for wide-ranging information on insolvency and bankruptcy issues, such as petitions in insolvency or bankruptcy, costs of proceedings, etc
  • www.steuernetz.de
    Information services for commerce, law and tax, including legislation, judgments, forms, etc
  • www.umweltrecht.de
    Information platform for legislation on environmental   protection, eco-management, occupational safety, building laws, etc
  • www.jurathek.de
    Legal and tax information
  • www.recht.de
    German law forum: comprehensive information, links, scales, etc
  • www.eurojuris.de
    Homepage of EUROJURIS Deutschland, an association of some 170 German law firms
  • www.bnbn.de
    Buisness Net Bremen Niedersachen