The design and negotiation of property-specific contracts is of fundamental importance for good returns to be drawn from existing property and property under construction. The guaranteed long-term availability of lease agreements, moreover at competitive rates, is, in turn, the economic basis of commercial tenants.

It is against this background that we advise project developers, landlords and tenants in all matters connected with the design and negotiation of commercial rental and lease agreements. In addition, our specialist lawyers draw on years of experience when it comes to asserting your rights and representing your interests either in or out of court.

We support you in:

  • Designing and negotiating new rental and lease agreements
  • Evaluating and revising existing rental and lease agreements
  • Enforcing payment claims
  • Enforcing and defending warranty rights in the case of defects in the leased property
  • Termination and winding up tenancies
  • Enforcing eviction

In the field of residential property law we have many years of experience with regard to declarations of partition and the regulations pertaining to joint ownership, both in the case of existing property and property under construction. We also represent the managers and owners of property in all matters relating to residential property law.

The following tasks are at the centre of our work:

  • Drafting declarations of partition and regulations pertaining to joint ownership
  • Drafting management agreements
  • Enforcing the payment of maintenance fees, both in the short- and long-run
  • Challenging decisions taken by the community of owners

Please also see: Immobilienrecht

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