Sport appears to be a simple construct at first sight; it is far more complex, however, when looked at with a legal eye. To ensure that each sport is practised fairly, there exist a multitude of rules and regulations as well as legal provisions governing the various parties involved, all of which make up the specialist area of sports law. 

This comprises, on the one hand, all of the federal law touching on legal questions relating to sport. These can be a diverse range of issues, drawing on employment, contractual, commercial, association, corporate and competition law respectively. On the other hand, there is the law specific to sport, as derived from the freedom of association laid down in the constitution, guaranteeing sport and other associations with the right to draw up their own regulations.

v. Einem & Partner has a team of three lawyers advising in the area of sports law. We represent athletes, sport clubs and sport associations and we advise in all areas of sports law.

More recently we have advised in the following areas of sports law:

  • The foundation of sport clubs
  • The ordinance law of sport associations
  • Sport association law, in particular the decisions taken by sport associations
  • Liability issues with regard to damages and / or injuries derived from sport
  • Sports employment law and the pertinent contracts
  • Sponsorship deals and the pertinent contracts
  • Various issues pertaining to the licensed football leagues, including the drafting of contracts

We have also regularly represented clients in sport club and sport court hearings.

Our clients include:

  • Athletes
  • Professional football players
  • Sport clubs
  • Licensed football clubs
  • Sport associations
  • Advisers in professional football
  • Sponsors

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