v. Einem & Partner predominantly advises medium-sized companies in the field of insolvency law.

Prior to the initiation of insolvency proceedings, our advisory services focus on strategies for avoiding insolvency and all issues attached to filing an insolvency application.

During pending insolvency proceedings, we provide insolvent entrepreneurs or the shareholder(s) of the common debtor with advice as to their rights vis-à-vis the insolvency trustee.

Equally, our specialists assist creditors with the assertion of their rights during the insolvency proceedings instigated against the debtor. This includes the registration of claims in the insolvency table and the assertion of preferential treatment or the separation of client property from the insolvent’s estate.

With regard to legal issues governed by insolvency criminal law, our lawyers act, inter alia, for managing directors of limited liability companies who are subject to the particularly stringent statutory obligations when filing an insolvency application.

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