The increasing complexity of family law requires a high degree of specialisation in this field. v. Einem & Partner has many years of experience in this area, which directly benefits our clients.

The drafting of prenuptial and separation agreements play an important role in our practice. The relevant statutory provisions are necessarily based on standard scenarios and rarely provide the most suitable matrimonial regime for individual couples; in many cases, contractual agreements are required to amend and/or supplement the statutory provisions. We offer qualified advice and assistance in the drafting of marriage contracts, divorce settlements and civil partnership agreements.

In the events of separation or divorce, our specialists can assist you with regard to all questions relating to matrimonial property settlements, maintenance claims, and the custody of and access to children. As a matter of course, we also represent our clients before the courts.

We advise and represent our clients in the following areas, among others:

  • Drafting and review of marriage contracts, advice on matrimonial property rights and maintenance issues (also with regard to cases involving foreign jurisdictions)
  • Drafting of divorce settlements, specifically for the purpose of settling matrimonial property and maintenance claims; determination of capability to pay maintenance in the case of self-employed individuals
  • Drafting of civil partnership agreements
  • Assistance and representation, both in and out of court, with regard to maintenance and the custody of and access to children

When drafting agreements and contracts, we take into consideration all pertinent aspects of taxation law and the law of succession as well as any problems that may arise from existing debts, joint property or corporate relationships.

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