With four lawyers working in the field of employment law in Bremen and Frankfurt/Main, all bar-certified specialists in employment law, v. Einem & Partner offers expert advice to both large and medium-sized companies with regard to employment contracts, the termination of work relationships, works constitution acts, and collective agreements. It goes without saying that we always take all relevant tax and social security rules and regulations into account when we provide employment law advice.

Key areas of our advisory services are:

  • Preparation and implementation of operational changes (e.g. mergers, business transfers and relocations, etc.)
  • Negotiation with works councils, trade unions and the lawyers representing the employees
  • Drafting of bargaining agreements, reconciliations of interests and social compensation plans
  • Preparation of and assistance with conciliation committee proceedings
  • Representation in decision-making procedures with regard to works constitution law and collective bargaining law
  • Employment law assistance with regard to company / corporate restructuring
  • Employment law advice in the case of company acquisition out of insolvency
  • Preparation and implementation of actions against unlawful dismissal and mass actions
  • Advice with regard to all personnel measures, including the linked participation rights
  • Advice with regard to company pension schemes
  • Ongoing advice to personnel managers as well as to managing directors / management boards
  • Preparation of and assistance with severance agreements involving senior employees and managing directors
  • Review and drafting of employment contracts, in particular contracts for senior employees, managing directors and board members

Further, we have branch-specific experience and can offer expert employment law advice with regard to hospitals and nursing homes as well as to the transport industry.

Under the leadership of Dr. Christoph Förster, Dr. Jürgen Keller in Bremen and Johannes Beyer in Frankfurt/Main, all bar-certified specialists in employment law and with many years of experience in the field, the employment law team can offer permanent strategic, yet also fast advice on all employment law issues. It is for this reason that our work has received very good evaluations in the JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien / JUVE Manual of Corporate Law Firms for man years.

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