Our team of lawyers advises on all legal issues arising in connection with company law, from incorporation, corporate restructuring and transformations to the dissolution and winding up of companies.

We advise shareholders on their rights and obligations under the relevant corporate structure, in particular where disputes arise among co-shareholders or partners. We act for our clients both in and out of court and before arbitration panels. One of the key areas of our advisory services is business succession planning.

Managing directors of limited liability companies (GmbH) under German law are subject to a range of liability risks and therefore regularly seek our advice on how to meet their statutory and contractual obligations.

In addition, our specialists provide legal advice to company founders on the most suitable legal form for the new company and the drafting of corporate agreements.

We assist benefactors with the establishment of charitable endowments and family trusts.

Last but not least, we can also provide advice on corporate testaments.

In the area of company law, corporations pro-actively seek the advice of our firm when negotiating and completing the acquisition, sale or merger of enterprises. We perform the legal due diligence and advise companies on the correct contractual structure.

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