Thinking and acting globally requires expert legal advice and planning.

This does not only apply to your activities as a business owner, but also your private life. If you own or wish to acquire property abroad, this always calls for special legal arrangements.

  • Is your marriage binational? Then you should think about a marriage contract and a contract of inheritance.
  • Do you plan to bequeath assets and real estate in another country? If so, there are many peculiarities to take into consideration and you should seek legal advice.
  • It often is necessary to clarify whether domestic or foreign law applies.
  • Make sure to choose the law best suited to your individual situation. By way of a notarial contract it is possible to agree on German law, for example. This applies, in particular, to marriage contracts and contracts of inheritance. And exert influence by having your will recorded well before it is needed. We are there to help you.