Do not leave your legal succession planning to the state.

  • The right of succession is governed by law. In many cases, statutory succession is determined wrongly, however.
  • Some family constellations, such as patchwork families, may result in unjust and undesired consequences for inheritance. You therefore should seek legal advice and discuss the options available to you.
  • Protect the interests of your spouse or partner you leave behind. Plan your business succession well in advance and protect the future of your company. Distribute your assets fairly and preserve the family peace by making a will or concluding a contract of inheritance.
  • In the event of succession, we continue to assist and apply, for example, for certificates of inheritance, executor’s certificates and corrections to land register entries. In many cases, it is necessary to divide the estate among the heirs.
  • You can also take precautions that take effect in the event of serious illness or accident during your lifetime. Grant lasting powers of attorney to a person you trust and take precautions in case a custodian is appointed.
  • By making a living will, you express your wishes towards doctors, hospitals and nursing homes.